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Downloads for Xequence

PDF Manual

You can either browse the manual online or download it as a PDF for offline consumption or printing.

Korg Gadget projects for demo songs

Xequence comes with two demo songs, "Alpha" and "Beta", which showcase the app's capabilities.

Of course, they will not generate any sound on their own. However, they have both been produced using Korg Gadget, which is an app that contains synths and effects and is available for both iPhone and iPad.

If you happen to have purchased Gadget already, then you can download the Gadget projects we used to make these songs for yourself.

Please be sure to enable "Advanced" MIDI input in Gadget!

Instructions for iOS / iPadOS 13 and newer

Instructions for iOS / iPadOS 12

You should now have a working, complete project that will use Gadget's sounds and effects when you hit "Play".

Note: We used a few In-App Purchases in Gadget for both projects, so if you do not happen to have the same IAPs as well, then some sounds / drums may be missing.